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Rhythms of Life - Region-free National Geographic DVD

Rhythms of Life - Region-free National Geographic DVD
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Price: £7.99
Availability: In Stock
Model: Region-free DVD
Manufacturer: National Geographic
Average Rating: Not Rated

“Visually stunning story of our planet from birth to death and the influence of the Sun and Moon on all living things”

The Earth, Sun and Moon perform a complex ballet in space that create the rhythms of life. The moon orbits the earth once a month, and as it waxes and wanes it produces the rhythms of the tides.

The earth spins on its axis producing day and night, and orbits around the sun to produce seasons, and dawn races around the globe at a thousand miles per hour. The Arctic witnesses extremes of day and night and the moon and the sun drive the pulse of the planet in a powerful rhythm that influences the daily lives of plants and animals.

This is the story of life from the perspective of the solar system. The rhythmic behaviour of both plants and animals is fundamental. All life moves, grows, wakes and sleeps to some beat, regulated by the changing influences of the Sun and the Moon upon our Earth.

Rhythms of Life uses motion-control time-lapse photography and high resolution computer graphics combined with real time footage in a sophisticated and imperceptible manner to explore daily, tidal, lunar, seasonal and annual cycles which affect all ecosystems, from the forests to the oceans and from the equator to the poles.

Narrated by Michael Carroll.
A co-production by National Geographic, ABC and the BBC.

Please note:  This is a rare, imported DVD that does not come in a full-size case; the picture shown above is for illustration purposes only - please click on the following link to see a close-up photograph of the DVD in its case:

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For more information about our imported DVDs please see our FAQs.


Region:             Region 0 (all regions, region-free)

Video format:     NTSC

Sound:              Dolby Digital (2.0) Stereo

Language:         English or Chinese (select from menu)

Subtitles:          English or Chinese or none (select from menu)

Menu:               Chinese (English translation will be supplied)

Screen size:      Full screen (4:3 aspect ratio)

Duration:           53 mins approx



This DVD is produced in NTSC video format and is region-free - it is guaranteed to play in all Region 2 and Region 1 DVD players. This DVD will play in DVD players worldwide. If in doubt, please contact us.

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