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Payment options

Secure transactions   

When you make a purchase through our website, your data is sent over a secure, encrypted connection (SSL). This ensures that your personal and payment details remain safe throughout the transaction. 

All the Log-in, Checkout and Account pages on our website begin with "https://", your browser will display a 'closed' security padlock and in some browsers it may change to green or blue. 

When you are on a secure page, you can click on the padlock for extra security information about our site and the SSL certificate we have in place to keep transactions secure.


Payment methods

We accept a wide range of payment methods.
The quickest and most secure is an online payment by credit or debit card.

We prefer payment through PayPal. All credit/debit cards are accepted and your DVDs will be dispatched without delay.
We are also happy to accept personal cheques, but the dispatch of your DVDs will be delayed until the payment has ‘cleared’.
If you cannot pay by credit or debit card, we would prefer an online bank payment instead of a cheque, as this is quicker and more secure.
We also welcome payment in cash, but we strongly advise you to send this via Recorded Delivery or another secure method, or to make the payment over the counter at a bank in your local area.

  • Instant online payment through your credit or debit card. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay with your card as PayPal will process one-off payments without an account - at check-out just follow the instructions under "Don't have a Paypal account?"
  • PayPal only act as our card processing company and you do NOT need to have a PayPal account to pay using your credit or debit card.
  • Secure and available in 190 countries around the world. PayPal is free for you to use.
  • Your DVDs will be ready for dispatch once we receive confirmation of your payment from PayPal, usually within minutes of you making your payment. We prefer not to receive PayPal eCheques, as these take up to 10 days to ‘clear’.
  • See the PayPal website for more info and to register, if you wish to open a permanent account with them.

Other payment methods that we accept:

For customers who cannot pay by credit or debit card, we also accept a range of other payment methods.

  • Personal Cheque:  we are happy to accept cheques, but only if drawn on a UK bank. All cheques need to ‘clear’ before we can dispatch your order; this takes typically 5-8 working days.
  • Postal Order:  only UK postal orders are accepted. Providing they are completed correctly, there is no need for payment to ‘clear’ and your DVDs will be dispatched within 24 hours (Mon-Fri).
  • Electronic Bank Payment:  also known as ‘Bank Transfer’ - you pay directly from your bank account into ours by using online or telephone banking. Payments from an HSBC account are usually received instantly; payments from other UK banks can take between 15 minutes and 3 days. This is a safe and quick payment method, and your payment does not need to ‘clear’ before we dispatch your order.
  • We can also accept bank payments in € Euros from customers within the Eurozone - we will send you our IBAN / SEPA and BIC numbers via email. This enables you to pay in Euros and avoid bank charges or currency conversion costs.
  • Cash: you can pay by cash over the counter at any HSBC Bank branch. Alternatively, we accept cash sent through the post, but we strongly urge you to use a safe and guaranteed delivery method such as registered mail - we will not be held liable for cash lost in the post.

Bank payments from outside the Eurozone will still incur currency conversion fees and bank charges - please ensure that you pay these before you initiate a transfer to our bank account, as we can not dispatch your order until any such charges have been paid in full.

Payment methods which we CANNOT accept:

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any of the following:

  • International money orders
  • Checks from outside the UK (we only accept cheques drawn on a UK bank)
  • Eurocheques

We don’t normally accept foreign currency in cash, but please contact us if that is the only payment method available to you; we will do our best to accommodate your specific request.


We expect to receive your payment within 7 days from the order date. You will find us flexible and understanding, but please contact us if your payment is going to be delayed for whatever reason.
If your order remains unpaid after 7 days without prior contact, we reserve the right to cancel your order.