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All our DVDs are guaranteed to play in DVD players in the UK and Europe (Region 2).

Because many of our DVDs are 'region code free' (Region 0), they can also be played in DVD players in other PAL areas, including Australia & New Zealand (Region 4), Africa, India, Asia & Russia (Region 5), etc.

Customers in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Japan should be aware that most of our DVDs are in PAL video format and will not play correctly in NTSC equipment used in Region 1 and Japan.

The imported DVDs in NTSC format that we stock are different - they will play in any DVD player, worldwide, and are ideal for customers in the USA, Canada, etc. For more details about these DVDs, their quality and their packaging, please see further down this page.

The product page of each DVD will clearly state the video format (PAL or NTSC) and any region lock that may apply. If in doubt, please contact us for advice based on your country or equipment.

Are you in the USA, Canada, Japan or other NTSC region? 
here to view our NTSC page to see which of our DVDs are available in NTSC format.

PLEASE NOTE - If you purchase a DVD from us that is not suitable for the standard equipment used in your region, eg if you buy a PAL or Region 2 DVD when you are in the USA or Canada, it is your responsibility to make sure your equipment can play this DVD.
We cannot accept the return of DVDs because your DVD player does not play DVDs from that region or in that video format.

What is ‘Regional Coding’?
Regional coding is a system implemented by the manufacturers of DVD software and equipment to control the release of DVD discs throughout the world. When DVDs were first introduced this meant that DVDs purchased in one region would only play on equipment purchased from the same region. Today, however, many DVD players are Multi-Region and can play DVDs from all regions.

Many of our DVDs are Region-free, although some are Region 2. The detailed product description will give full details or please contact us if in doubt. For more info about DVD regions click here.

What does 'Region 0' mean?

Region 0 discs are essentially unencoded and will play on any DVD player in any region (but see 'PAL / NTSC' below)

What is the difference between PAL and NTSC discs?
PAL is the video system used in the UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, India, Africa, etc.
NTSC is used in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, etc.
For details of PAL and NTSC regions please click here.

Most DVD players in PAL regions will also play NTSC discs without any problem.
Standard DVD players in NTSC regions will not play PAL discs; a multi-region player is needed.
It is our experience that PAL discs will also play in computer DVD drives/software in NTSC regions. Customers in the USA, Canada, etc who do not have a multi-region player should therefore be able to play these DVDs on their computer if the discs are Region-free.

If you are outside the UK, please DOUBLE CHECK that your player can play DVDs from this region before you buy.
If in doubt, please contact us before you buy - we're here to help.


We do NOT sell pirated or copied DVDs in any way, shape or form. All our DVDs are of the highest quality, come from reputable sources and have been factory pressed, not illegally copied or burnt.

The DVDs we have imported from Hong Kong and Taiwan are licensed Asian imports - they have been officially released for the Asian market and therefore have both English and Asian characters printed on the disc.
Most of these discs have the original English audio track, as well as a dubbed, Chinese commentary. They also feature subtitles (close captioning) that can be switched between ‘OFF’ or English or Chinese.
The menu of these DVDs is usually in Chinese and we supply an English translation of the menu functions to help you get the most out of your DVD.

Case and artwork
Many of our Asian import DVDs do not ship in a full size DVD case - instead, they come in a plastic clam-shell case, without any colour artwork or insert. On request, we can supply an electronic template free of charge, in case you wish to print your own artwork. If you would like us to email you the relevant template, just contact us once you have placed your order and we will ensure you receive the correct file to print your own colour artwork to fit a standard UK DVD case.

Suitable for use worldwide

Our imported NTSC DVDs are guaranteed to play in any DVD player that can handle an NTSC video signal. This includes almost all DVD players in the UK, continental Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. They will also play in all PC or Mac DVD drives, Playstation, X-Box, etc.

You can be confident that our imported DVDs are of the highest possible quality and are as good as any DVD distributed in the UK or Europe. We will only buy the highest quality documentary DVDs and will never sell cheap, imported DVDs of poor quality. When searching for DVDs on the Internet, avoid cheap and nasty, illegally copied DVDs that may have parts missing and are of poor quality - you get what you pay for!

We have sold 1000s of these DVDs to happy customers in the UK, as well as in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and all over Europe – our DVDs are guaranteed to play without any problems. You have our word for it.