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The New Chimpanzees - Region 2 National Geographic DVD

The New Chimpanzees - Region 2 National Geographic DVD
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Price: £6.99
Availability: Out Of Stock
Model: Region 2 DVD
Manufacturer: National Geographic
Average Rating: Not Rated

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“The world of the Bonobo Chimpanzee is a matriarchal society where the females run the show”

Our understanding of chimpanzees and their relative species, bonobos, is entering a new phase of enlightenment.

National Geographic turns its attention to the chimpanzees of the Ivory Coast and Tanzania. These remarkable creatures are endangered in the wild and this research is needed to try to secure a future for these ‘modern apes’.

This is a multi generational study into the lives of these animals that have so much in common with humans. Watch how a mother mourns her dying child, a co-ordinated hunting party enjoys a riotous meat-eating feast, an outsider gains acceptance into the social hierarchy through sex. Discover the chimps’ apparent understanding that certain plants may cure illness and see them use tools.

National Geographic draws viewers into the looking glass where eyes, much like our own, reflect playfulness, grief, loneliness, rage and above all, intelligence.
Scientists continuing the work of legendary chimpanzee advocate Jane Goodall make startling revelations about chimps in the wild.


Region:             Region 2 (UK, Europe, etc)

Video format:     PAL (we have an NTSC version available on request)

Sound:              Dolby Digital (2.0) Stereo

Language:         English

Subtitles:          None

Screen size:      Full screen (4:3 aspect ratio)

Duration:           52 mins approx



This DVD is produced in PAL video format (UK/Europe/etc). Buyers in the USA, Canada, Japan and other regions should check compatibility with their equipment before purchasing this DVD. If in doubt, please contact us. >> CUSTOMERS IN THE USA/CANADA: WE HAVE AN NTSC VERSION OF THIS DVD AVAILABLE ON REQUEST, AT NO EXTRA COST  - please contact us for details. <<

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The New Chimpanzees - Region 2 National Geographic DVD
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