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Monkey Hunters - Region 2 National Geographic DVD

Monkey Hunters - Region 2 National Geographic DVD
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Price: £14.99
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Model: Region 2 DVD
Manufacturer: Nature Conservation Films
Average Rating: Not Rated

“In the dry season in Tarangire National Park, hungry lions take to hunting baboons, but they soon learn that the baboons’ tusks can easily turn the hunted into the hunter”

Lions rarely hunt baboons. These large monkeys are armed with dangerous teeth, they are hard to catch and usually not worth the risk or effort. But there is one place in Africa’s Great Rift Valley where baboons are plentiful and lions have learned to catch them.

The river in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania never runs dry. During the dry season, herds of animals come to the river to drink. It is a time of plenty for predators, but when it rains on the surrounding plains, the herds abandon Tarangire.

Then the predators have only the resident animals to hunt. Desperation forces the lions to target the large troops of baboons that sleep well out of reach of hungry cats but, during the heat of the day, are vulnerable to attack.

To survive at ground level, the baboons join forces with their neighbours, including impala and banded mongooses, so there are many eyes on the look out for danger. But when hunger sharpens the senses, the predators learn how to ambush the baboons… as they turn into ‘Monkey Hunters’.

As the land dries out, the herds wander back to the river and the time of hardship will be over for the lions. The pressure is off the baboons, but with the monkey hunters about, they must always be vigilant.

English narration by Simon Shrimpton Smith
Filmed by Matt Aeberhard
Produced by Caroline Brett for Nature Conservation Films (2004)
As seen on National Geographic Channel.

This is an imported DVD and the description on the box/packaging is not in English, but the menu and audio are in English


Region:             Region 2 (UK, Europe, etc)

Video format:     PAL

Sound:              Dolby Digital 2.0

Language:         English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian

Subtitles:          Portuguese

Extras:             Bonus film: 'A Lioness's Tale' (25 mins) - film by Sophie Buck about a lioness who is desperate to raise a family

Screen size:      Wide screen (16:9)

Duration:           1 hour 17 mins approx (incl bonus film)



This DVD is produced in PAL video format (UK/Europe/etc). Buyers in the USA, Canada, Japan and other regions should check compatibility with their equipment before purchasing this DVD. If in doubt, please contact us.

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