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Chasing Wild Horses: Sable Island - Region-free wildlife DVD

Chasing Wild Horses: Sable Island - Region-free wildlife DVD
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Model: Region-free DVD
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“Wild horses on a tiny, windswept island in the Atlantic - photographer Roberto Dutesco’s personal and artistic relationship with the wild horses of Sable Island”

It’s the story of a famous New York fashion photographer whose search for true beauty takes him to Sable Island, where he documents wild horses as the ultimate supermodels.

Chasing Wild Horses is a story of beauty. Roberto Dutesco, New York City’s top fashion and lingerie photographer, discovered Sable Island, where he became obsessed with the natural beauty of the untouched and unclaimed wild horses.

Sable Island, a remote island located off the shores of Nova Scotia in the stormiest part of the North Atlantic, has a mysterious history. It is so ringed with shipwrecks (over 500) that it is known as the ‘graveyard of the Atlantic’.

For hundreds of years, most believed the herd of wild horses that roam the sandy dunes were survivors of shipwrecks, and their fight for survival to this very day is an epic struggle. For Roberto, their struggle to survive is just one aspect of their undeniable wild beauty.

The island is off-limits to most, but Roberto is able to gain access to the remote island by getting permission from Gerry Forbes, Sable Island’s superintendent, to photograph and film the wild horses. His short film won acclaim at the New York Film Festival, and was shown on the SONY big screen in Times Square.

In Chasing Wild Horses, we follow Roberto on his return voyage to the island during the foaling season, to meet up with the characters he lovingly photographed years past, and to see how they have changed, how the island has changed, and particularly how this voyage will change Roberto.

Life for these horses is always difficult, due to the extreme weather that surrounds this tiny island, but what is proving to be more dangerous is the effects of human contact.
Through his art, Roberto wants to bring attention to Sable Island and support the various organisations dedicated to preserving the beauty of an island untouched.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an imported DVD and the description on the box/packaging is not in English, but the film itself has the original, English soundtrack; the on-screen menu is in German, but is easy to navigate. Enjoy!

Please click on 'Additional Images' (above) to see the German cover of this DVD.
To watch some footage from this documentary please view the YouTube clip at the bottom of this page.
For more information about Sable Island and its wild horses please visit

Music by Phil Sedore
Produced in association with CTV Inc & Film Nova Scotia by Sable Horses Productions Inc
An Arcadia Entertainment production (2008).


Region:             Region 0 (region-free)

Video format:     PAL

Sound:              Dolby Digital (2.0) Stereo

Language:         English, German

Subtitles:          None

Screen size:      Wide screen (16:9)

Duration:           50 mins approx



This DVD is produced in PAL video format (UK/Europe/Australia/New Zealand/etc). Buyers in the USA, Canada, Japan and other NTSC regions should check compatibility with their equipment before purchasing this DVD. If in doubt, please contact us.


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Chasing Wild Horses: Sable Island - Region-free wildlife DVD
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